WHAT'S intra-mart > Effects of the intra-mart framework as told by more than 2,200 customers

The common system platform and applications provided with the intra-mart framework achieve different functions for different operation systems based on all types of customer needs. The high reliability is proved by implementations within more than 2,500 companies. The following shows some examples of the kind of system that can be achieved using the intra-mart framework.



 Integration of an information system at ERP front ends
 The Web front end that all the employees can use for daily operations


[Use Case] Bandai Co., Ltd.
An approval workflow was built as a frontend system to store correct data in R/3. Real-time coordination by BAPI is very effective for internal control.
Both processing with human judgment and transactions specific to Japanese companies satisfy internalcontrol standards on a level equivalent to R/3, which is evaluated by the auditor.


[Use Case] TEAC Corporation
A global SCM workflow system was successfully built. Global MDM is being promoted based on R/3 real-time coordination.
Many requests are coming from users for expansion of the workflow system. We have a positive feeling that what we have given up can now be systematized.


[Use Case] Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd.
The interface for input to ERP was created with intra-mart. Development of the frontend system did not require customization at Oracle EBS.
By building the frontend system independent of ERP, the basic policy of using the functions of ERP
without modifications was achieved.


 Implementation of internal control workflows
 Framework of promoting business improvement and increased efficiency


[Use Case] Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company
The business flows of two companies with a history of more than 100 years were integrated simply. The Construction of a flexible workflow system is effective for the improvement of business efficiency and internal control.
Construction was completed in a short period. Office work was significantly accelerated. Labor saving also progressed significantly and internal control was intensified.


[Use Case] Kikkoman Corporation
A workflow was introduced for immediate effect in business reform, resulting in a high rise in business efficiency. Shared services were deployed in the group companies.
There are few problems with the system. Because of the Web system was familiar to users, along with consistent operability using the intra-mart framework, business reform, which was our initial purpose, has been achieved.


 Implementation of shared services for deployment in group companies and group governance
 Global overall optimization


[Use Case] Toyota Administa Corporation
The TiPS common system platform for six group companies was built. Groupware and information business applications were converted to shared services.
Ideal shared services were realized. A system that can be shared was created with the cooperation of all group companies.


[Use Case] Kirin Brewery Company, Limited
A system for distribution to evoke "discoveries" and for management to facilitate active information gathering was achieved as a communication platform for the Kirin Group.
Especially in the competitive beer and low-malt beer industry with a short product life cycle, accelerated communication is an advantage.


 Cost reductions from a SOA common system platform
 System platform with high development productivity,flexibility, and extensibility


[Use Case] Kanto Electrical Safety Inspection Association
The mission-critical system for checking and maintenance of electric facilities was downsized. The information system was also integrated by the intra-mart framework, resulting in increased efficiency of the IT investment.
Integration of the mission-critical system and the information system was completed in a short time. TCO was reduced by as much as 80% with the shift from a mainframe. Development costs were reduced 40 percent. The foundation was established for dealing with changes flexibly.


[Use Case] Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim Co., Ltd.
The intra-mart workflow was integrated as Web services. A full-scale SOA system was built where ten or more systems cooperate in real time.
Integration was carried out under the simple architecture called SOA. If there is a change, all the other systems will be updated in real time automatically. The SOA system that was built is high in maintainability and future extensibility.