WHAT'S intra-mart > Establishment of a common system platform achieves

More and more customers review traditional IT environments where individual optimization was pursued and strive for the establishment of a common system platform independent of applications.


The present environment where IT investment is being reduced offers a major opportunity to review the underlying system platform and to clarify a grand design for the future. An excellent system platform can support a flexible and extensible IT environment, including constantly reduced IT costs, extension of IT to support group management due to M&A, and global extensions for developing overseas markets.
State-of-the-art technologies of virtualization, SaaS, and cloud computing should be actively introduced into your system platform.


The intra-mart framework is a proven technology offering remarkable expertise and has been implemented bymore than 2,500 companies inside and outside of Japan (as of end of March 2012) as a common system platform.


Effects of a common system platform

Build a business system fast at low cost
Many customers suffer from inconsistent technology standards within the company, causing high effort for development, maintenance, and operation due to lack of skills of the staff. It also hinders standardization of the system. This situation can be resolved by a common system platform and global optimization, which can also reduce the large cost.


Handle business changes flexibly
However, it is not realistic to shift the whole existing system to a common system platform. The operation is extended over a long period of time working flexibly with existing assets, such as the ERP and client-server system. SOA/BPM is the architecture for the purpose and can loosely couple independent systems.


Increase the efficiency of the IT investment with concentration
These days sharing a system platform among all group companies often produces a greater effect. New technologies, such as SaaS, are used to change the group IT platform to shared services (or for share by all group companies).


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