WHAT'S intra-mart > Common system platform that supports business innovation is intra-mart

What factors are required in an excellent common system platform?


We think the factors are openness and easy to use: the openness offers continuous stable utilizationof the platform which supports the compatibility to new technologies it is easy to learn, and it provides excellent scalability; the easy-to-use factor means high investment efficiency with rapid development and durability, leading to a reduction in TCO.



  • The Web system configuration platform incorporates open source software (OSS)
  • The source code for intra-mart products are also available for free customization and expansion.
  • Batch install including OSS. Maintenance support is also provided.



  • Framework achieves fast development. (The Java EE framework enables visual development and simple script development.)
  • Simple Web system development including a high-quality BPM workflow and plenty of service components, such as portal, ESB, and ERP cooperation modules.
  • A wide variety of SOA-enabled applications for information and mission-critical systems.
  • Support for SaaS enables multiple companies to share one application.
  • Developed applications are upward compatible even if the framework is updated.


SOA/BPM platform framework from an integrated framework and applications

By using the components provided in the framework, a complicated and large-scale Web system, which used to be developed from scratch, can be built fast with high quality as an integrated Web front in cooperation with existing systems. As the source code is available, it can be developed into your own expanded framework.